Worldwide Offshore RPO Recruitment Back-office Support & Web Development Services

Worldwide Offshore RPO Recruitment Back-office Support & Web Development Services


We are the high-end and leading recruitment service and it is needless to say that we have devised the prime CV sourcing services. We are building the services for people from around different corners of the world irrespective of the business scale. You are free to outsource all your recruitment needs to us and we will never make you regret the decision. We have developed a team of experts that can handle the working in the most appropriate manner. Over the period of time, we have developed the colossal database and develop the resumes based on job description.

Lead Generation / LinkedIn live Jobs leads / NHS

Every business needs to develop the higher standards of sales and optimize the conversion rate. Our lead generation services are apt to deliver the prime results irrespective of the business scale; small or huge and ensure your business is transformed into the successful venture. Every business needs to improve the revenue and sales to acquire achievements and objectives in the longer run. Our services are devised to promise the required results of lead generation and help generate the prerequisite levels of revenue.

CV Formatting

From difficult PDFs to long un-structured CVs, we format the CVs according to your template and standards with a very quick turn-around time. Whether you are a one-man operation or if you have a hundred consultants working in your company, we have the capacity and ability to make your life easy.

End-to-End & 360 Recruitment

Do you need an end-to-end recruiter to augment your team in order to handle recruitment spikes and specialised roles? Retain one of our rock star resourcers to source, screen and shortlist candidates for you. We create scalability and execute end-to-end process in line with the best practices.

Data Building/Cleaning

Creating a well designed database can be very time-consuming since all of the data needs to be presented in a clear manner while following all of the formatting requirements. All you need to do is describe what you are looking for and how you would like the information to be presented. We will create such databases for you and make sure to clean the data

Boolean Searches & Headhunter

Every business has the prerequisite objective of sourcing the right employees and personnel in the database. This operation needs to be effective and efficient to ensure the organization is matching the highest set standards. Boolean search is helpful in this regard but not all the businesses are experienced to do so. However, our services will ensure that you find the right person in a matter of few hours. Our Boolean search service enables us to meet the needs of multitude of sections; be it the IT or healthcare, manufacturing, or engineering, we will help with it all!


Conducting the in-depth research about the business process can be a complicated task. To help you in the procedure, we have devised our researcher services which will help move you forward. We will find the resources that improve the projects, manage the details and publish the process, create the infographics to communicate the results, and fulfill the requirements regarding the business outputs along with the enhancement of business visibility. So, come to us and pivot your research on the right path!


From creating Longlists for Headhunters to identification of Decision-makers, we bring high level understanding of the remit and deliver results from Linked In to Google.

Managing CRM system

As time goes on, a lot of the leads and data in your CRM can become stale and outdated, but it does require time to go through everything and clean it out. There is no need to do such work yourself since you can hire somebody from Mindy Support to do it for you

Number of organization mapping

From finding “who’s who” in an oganisation to specific teams, we do a thorough search of the information available on the webs and create a clear picture.

Database Management

The organizational infrastructure needs to be error-free and that’s possible through the effective management of the database. Our database management services will focus on the multitude of applications responsible for driving the business operations and yield optimized results. We have managed to develop the team aimed and managing the database proactively and support the multiple aspects of the database; configuration, deployment, and maintenance. Our service is aimed at providing availability and consistency topped with the encouragement of building relationships.

Administration Support

Having the grasp of top-notch administration service and process is essential for the businesses to ensure productive yields. When you come to us for your administrative needs, we will perform all the tasks and needed operations in time and keep in mind the business limitations as well. Our administrative tasks will help you manage the services and change the services for the delivery of optimal results. In other words, we will help your business stay flexible and align with the paradigm shift.